Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jose Gonzalez

José González
Surprising even myself, I've decided to take the initiative and make the first MP3 post on WGTB's newborn blog. I've decided to feature one of my favorite new artists, a Swede-Argentine mutt named José González, a fellow countryman and apparently a close friend of one of my personal heroes, Jens Lekman, who will most definitely be included in a later post.

Now picture yourself, the son of South American immigrants living continents away in frosty, foggy Scandinavia. You grow up listening to the likes of Nick Drake and, if your parents have gotten their way, whatever music gauchos make. Now see yourself getting hooked on early- and mid-90s pop (think Kylie Minogue, Madonna). And then, years later (it's 2005 now), you connect with obscure but great electro-pop bands like The Knife (also Scandinavians). The scene is set: here are the MP3s.

MP3: The Knife, "Heartbeats" (via Rock Insider)
MP3: José González, "Heartbeats" (via Bows + Arrows)

MP3: Kylie Minogue, "Hand On Your Heart"
MP3: José González, "Hand On Your Heart" (via Some Velvet Blog)

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Rachel said...

i was perusing npr's "all songs considered" site today and noticed that jose was featured on the show mere days ago.

you can read a short bio here: