Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Real Estate, Real Estate

Artist: Real Estate
Album: Real Estate
Released: Nov. 17, 2009 on Woodsist Records 
Rating: A- 

The debut album from New Jersey band Real Estate has established them, amongst fellow lo-fi beach rockers like Girls, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and Rainbow Bridge, as a promising band within this burgeoning genre of indie rock. Just as the leaves are changing color and the weather is getting colder, and the arrival of winter is creeping closer, Real Estate is here to remind you of those hours spent with friends soaking up the sun and having a good time. And whether you do this by kickin back some Budweiser and Sprite on the Jersey Shore, or with some other combination of substances that will make you feel alright, the album will undoubtedly make you nostalgic for those nights in the warm summer air.

Musically, the songs are comprised largely of sweeping arpeggio guitar riffs and hazy vocals, and they wash over you like the summer itself. Although the songs all sound quite similar, one can listen to the album numerous times without it feeling repetitive or worn out. The opener, Beach Comber, is one of the album’s more upbeat songs, and its catchy guitar riff and powerful vocals make it one of the album’s stand out tracks. For similar reasons, track 6, Fake Blues is also one of the album’s best songs. Perhaps the most intriguing though, is the albums’ longest song, Suburban Beverage. Although it only repeats one lyric for the entire six minutes, the tempo changes propel the song forward, and capture the excitement of a long summer night. So, when the snow days of winter have you down, holiday shopping has you stressed out, and those cold nights have you longing for the freedom of summer, put on Real Estate’s album and, at the very least, you’ll feel warm on the inside.

-- Jared Iversen 
"Jive Talkin'," Thursdays 12-2 p.m. 

Listen to "Beach Comber" by Real Estate:

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