Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Cover: Meet Me In A Pillar of Fire

The Tallest Man on Earth w/ his fiancee, Amanda
"I'll Be Glad" (Bonnie Prince Billy)

If this doesn't melt your heart into a big bleeding mess, you don't have one to begin with. They're so in love! And adorable. And talented.

And who knew BPB aka Will Oldham's close-to-gospel song could be turned into the loveliest love song? It's a far jump from his pathologically loaded (though stunning) funeral dirges. (He's been covered pretty notably before, too.) Check out the original "I'll Be Glad" here, the organ is super nice.

-- Caroline Klibanoff

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The Family Stone said...

I just wanted to let you know that the Bonnie Prince Billy version of this song is a cover too. This song was written and recorded by Asthmatic Kitty artist Shannon Stephens for her debut (and recently re-released)album from 2000.
Here's the link, you should check it out (as well as her new album).