Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Artist of the Week: Onward Soldiers

It was Christian who first posed the inevitable question during our office hours last week: "So when are we going to stop doing this folksy stuff for Artist of the Week?"

It seems we may have painted ourselves into a corner in past weeks, with AoTW's like Chris Riffle, Avi Buffalo, and The Films, but even Christian, probably the least folk-inclined of your three loyal Music Directors here at WGTB, instantly liked Onward, Soldiers upon hearing it.

Sounding like a fusion of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and Deer Tick, with undeniable comparisons to their North Carolina neighbors the Avett Brothers, Onward, Soldiers have a distinct breed of edgy Americana that is at once pleasant and intriguing. Plus, they're still playing mostly locally, so you can say "you knew them when."

Listen to "Let the Time Roll By" below, off their new record just released in March.


Chris said...

MBAR is a really interesting and accurate comparison. I would have never thought it but you're right

jared said...

love it, keep the great picks coming