Friday, May 07, 2010

Play What? Play This Playlist: Finals Edition

Finals week brings a rollercoaster of emotion. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but between the elation at classes ending and sweet summer almost at our fingertips, and the stress of exams and end-of-the-year goodbyes, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, let alone get your work done efficiently, let alone get a decent place to study-- I've seen people sitting on the floors of Lauinger because there aren't enough spaces near plugs, with desks, etc. It's a bit ridiculous.

Luckily, I have spent plenty of time avoiding writing my papers and instead opting to craft this tried-and-true homework-ready playlist to aid you in your studies. Sometimes homework music is hard to find-- if its too catchy or too familiar, you'll get distracted, but if its completely foreign it can be jarring as well. "But Caroline," you might think, "this is just a bunch of your favorite songs." Not true! Below are 40 songs that strike the perfect balance between pleasant but not too rowdy, upbeat enough that you won't fall asleep, familiar but not something you'll get sick of, ideal for background music but not elevator music. From Seu Jorge to The Animals, Slick Rick to Wilco, Led Zeppelin to Randy Newman and Beirut, there's something here for every one, money back guarantee.*

Let me know what you think your best study songs are in the comments, and enjoy the tunes during this next week of exams!

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jill said...

Good call on the Sufjan Cover! I'm still convinced that nothing can top Daft Punk in terms of study music though.

fiona said...

"dog days are over" isn't applicable until the END of finals. THEN you can play it full blast and dance with unbridled glee. especially the part when she goes really quiet and high-pitchy and then THE BEAT COMES BACK BOOM BOOM BOOM

no but really, groovy playlist, well done

Catherine said...

Great playlist, Caroline! I love Ring Them Bells.. it's my favorite from I'm Not There. (And I'm also pretty fond of the 11-12 Wilco punch.)

Ben said...

la la la makes me wanna dieeee