Thursday, May 06, 2010

Review: Unnatural Helpers, Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Unnatural Helpers
Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Unnatural Helpers have achieved one of my favorite things about the late Jay Reatard: His ability to record songs that were both very short and very sweet, while maintaining a very unique identity with unmistakable hooks that manage to give each song its own personality.
Cracked Love & Other Drugs opens up with a bang: “I Don’t Belong To You” leads the way for the rest of the album, immediately followed up by the album’s highlight, “Sunshine/Pretty Girls.” This album is very raw and shameless. It comes up to you whether you like it or not, and
more than likely, you will find this an album worth listening to and going back to. The strong vocals and buzzing guitar make this a garage-punk/rock album that stays true to the genre’s ethos. It is a raw, and it fucking rocks. There is definitely room for these guys to mature, but the future looks very bright.

-- Enrique Lemus
"Moose Tracks," Mondays 10-11 pm on WGTB

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