Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Concert Pick of the Week: DC Record Fair

DC Record Fair
Sunday, May 23rd
The Black Cat, $2


This Sunday The Black Cat is hosting the annual DC Record fair for all the vinyl lovers in the district. Come indulge in the rows and rows of alphabetized crates as you search for that one find that brightens up your Sunday.

Also, there's going to be a a full service bar and food, so if you get caught with one too many Whitney Houston vinyls, blame it on the booze. And if that's not enough (I know how greedy you get) there's going to be a stellar lineup of DJ's scri-ribbit-ratching all afternoon so you can boogie as you buy.

It must be summer.

1 comment:

fiona said...

wowow i'm 1000000% already there--hopefully less of a crowd than record store day, but probably not