Monday, May 03, 2010

Take Cover: Adele takes on The Strokes

Adele: "Last Night" (The Strokes)

So many bedroom guitar heroes have attempted lackluster covers of this song, and so many have made the fatal mistake of focusing on the infectious guitar riff, which simply can't be topped, especially sans drums. On the other hand, not paying enough attention to that essential riff takes all the grit out of the equation, leaving a pretty boring tune.

But soul singer Adele takes it to a new level, with simmering vocals that highlight the melody which really lies at the heart of the song. At the same time she keeps a grungy guitar lick that turns into a sizzling solo by the middle of the song. Check out the original here.

-- Caroline Klibanoff
"Melodious Intoxication," Thursdays 12-2 pm on WGTB

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