Wednesday, July 14, 2010

District Dialect: Moving the Tradition Forward

District Dialect: Moving the Tradition Forward by igorgerman

Igor explores the history and development of Bluegrass Music in DC, focusing on some of the challenges the genre is facing as the demographic of Bluegrass listeners begins to shift. He interviews some Bluegrass hosts from WAMU as well as local musician, Bob Perilla.


Mark said...

Really well done report, Igor. I hope I can get that internship at WAMU this fall that you had. I consider myself a bluegrass fan, but know that there is much to learn. Another problem is simply the accessibility of the music - it's not always easy to find a bluegrass band's music or go see them live around cities like DC (especially if you can't get in to Madam's Organ for another year and a half). Even WAMU is only available online, if I am not mistaken, whereas here in the Midwest you can listen to bluegrass on the radio much more. Still, I think that the final speaker hear has it right - bluegrass may change for our generation, but it will still be bluegrass: picking those acoustic instruments without even need for a microphone.

I also think it is certainly an interesting question for WGTB to consider in terms of opening itself up to more and different music styles beyond the tragically hip indie music.

Bob Perilla said...

Great feature, Igor! Proud to be a part of it thanks!

Caroline said...

this is really well done. is that the beatles in that picture.

Bob Perilla said...

The photo is the "Country Gentlemen" in their classic lineup.
L-R Eddie Adcock, John Duffey, Tom Gray and Charlie Waller.

jared said...

i really like the district dialect feature. good job iggy pop

Darren said...

Great job. I think you guys hit it out of the park!!!