Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: Ty Segall, Melted

Ty Segall

Melted, the third album from Norcal-based rocker Ty Segall, is a solid effort at summery fuzzy punk, well-done in some instances ("My Sunshine") and somewhat off-beat in others (the muggy "Mike D's Coke.") Even the album's title offers a glimpse at how it feels, listening -- it's hot, humid and hazy music for days of the same kind.
Segall blends classic-rock and alt-country chord progressions with enough overdrive to make Wavves envious, giving the whole album a sort of lethargic, edgy Weezer-esque vibe, where the pop tendencies are weighed down by heavy beats and Segall's minor-tone punky whine.

"Bees" recalls 60's fuzz-rock with a sunny, simple chorus "Fall in love, fall in love, be happy, be happy." "Caesar" is perhaps his best-known song, offering a wild whooping bridge and some bluesy high-pitched keys that keep the song moving at a nice clip.

There's no doubt this album offers much of the same track-to-track, and you'd grow weary of it, as I did, after a short time. But when you wake up on a July morning and want to blast something loud and summer-ready and you're sick of Crocodiles or Japandroids but you know its the same sound that you want, Ty is your guy.

-- Caroline Klibanoff


Anonymous said...

terrifying cover art.

Ben said...

this cover is beyond bad. also, how does one get tired of japandroids?