Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take Cover: A Family of Trees Wanting To Be Haunted

The Ooks of Hazzard, "Kids" (MGMT)

Aside from the obvious great things about this cover-- like the fact that all these ukelele fiends found each other to begin with, and that they can all sing so well in harmony, and that they picked this song of all songs, and of course the sound itself, which is really nicely done and well orchestrated and better than MGMT's second album, actually-- aside from all these cool things, the best part about this cover is by far the realization I've just reached, that this band lineup looks exactly like a game of Guess Who. Is your person wearing a hat? Does your person have facial hair? What about sunglasses? Regular eyeglasses? Is your person a girl? Does your person have a lengthy solo? Do they have a beard? Does your person keep time with their feet? Are they wearing shoes? Are they wearing a plaid shirt? Can they play the ukelele? (Duh.)

PS: Ben Lee also has an adorably sweet version of this, and The Kooks do a nice job too. Also, if you haven't seen the awesome Court 13 music video for "Kids," it's well worth seeing - everybody feels like that baby from time to time.

-- Caroline Klibanoff

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