Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Bell Gardens, Hangups Need Company

The Bell Gardens
Hangups Need Company EP

If you’re in the mood for something slow, sweet and hypnotic, you should definitely check out Bells Gardens’ new EP, Hangups Need Company. This EP includes some very pleasant and relaxing tunes, with lots of long, continuous melodies that seem to evoke that sort of beachy feeling of water or sunlight on your skin. It’s extremely easy to compare Bell Gardens to the Beach Boys; Hangups Need Company is like a 2000’s-era version of Pet Sounds with a bit more sadness thrown in. My only problem with the EP is the content of some of the more sad tracks. For example, “End of the World” is a little over the top – it involves a bit too much “boo hoo my girl doesn’t love me anymore” type whining. Otherwise, while this EP isn’t going to blow your mind, it would make a good soundtrack for a day of chilling out in the summer. Listening to it makes me want to lie on a nice, empty beach and relax. Check out the track “Can We Get” – that was my favorite.

-- Elena Solli


Caroline said...

the name of this album is so great in any interpretation. hangups DO need company

igs said...

hiccups also need company

Anonymous said...

wow!!....this record blew me away! I can't believe there isn't more talk about this!!

Anonymous said...
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