Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer Jam 2010. Need One? Look No Further.

Summer Jam of 2010. Where are you? Where have you been? It's July, in case you were wondering. In fact, it's July 4th weekend, which demands more than anything a beat-heavy, resplendent-vocals-over-more-resplendent-vocals JAM, one that you want to play a million times over and never get sick of, one that is equally appropriate when you're driving in the early morning as the sun comes up or sitting on a porch eating popsicles at night or diving off the high dive or (like most of us) counting the hours til 5 p.m. at your summer internship (which you love, and would never trade for anything, but seriously, how is it only 2 o'clock?)
Below, four contenders. Let us know what you think by voting in the poll at the bottom, and tell us what we left out in the comments!

1. Jai Paul, "BTSU"
WGTB Events Director Ben really likes this one. It's fresh, clean, and all-around delightful. Who is this guy? PS: Download for free at Jai Paul's Myspace.

2. The Books, "Cold Freezin Night"
Ok, this new track from The Books upcoming album is more scary and sinister than sunny, but its still crazy compelling, and it sounds good. They are also giving it away for free on their website.

3. Ty Segall, "My Sunshine"
As if the name wasn't appropriate enough, Segall's palpable moan at the beginning of the track sold this for me, along with the fuzzy vocals throughout the song and the 60's-era classic-rock chord changes. Stay tuned for a full review of his album.

4. Big Boi ft. T.I. - "Tangerine"
Gucci Mane's new mixtape has a lot of contenders for summer jams, but in terms of Atlanta rap, Big Boi has him beat - the new collab between Big Boi, T.I., and Khujo Goodie makes very little sense but sounds totally delightful. It's edgy and weird, but Big Boi and T.I.'s voices are so familiar that it comes across as simply easy, like a summer song should be.


Anonymous said...

the books? really?

Ben said...

tangerine is even better when you consider that big boi felt it necessary to describe 'the david blaine' in the preceding skit (i always heard it referred to as 'the houdini,' but i trust that he has more experience in the matter)

that said, btsu is obviously the song. nothing compares. i love this man.