Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: The Album Leaf, A Chorus of Storytellers

The Album Leaf
A Chorus of Storytellers

I have always been an avid fan of Jimmy LaValle’s work with The Album Leaf. A Chorus of Storytellers is his most recent effort, and I would say that The Album Leaf has done it again. Their dreamy/futuristic sound is relaxing and mellow while keeping it interesting. You can relax without getting bored. Both their instrumental tracks and the ones with vocal performances are incredible. “We Are”, “There Is A Wind”, “Summer Fog”, “Blank Pages”, “Until The Last” and “Within Dreams” are standout tracks. This album has no “Always For You” or “Wherever I’ll Go” from their album Into The Blue Again, but nonetheless The Album Leaf’s new effort has the same dreamy effect on the listener as his previous efforts. It is an exciting but relaxing album that I am highly recommending to anyone looking for anything in this genre. The Album Leaf is yet to underperform. This is another album that meets my high expectations for them.
-- Enrique Lemus
Host, "Moose Tracks," Mondays 10-12 pm on WGTB

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