Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: The Watson Twins, Talking To Me, Talking To You

The Watson Twins
Talking to Me, Talking to You

Remember these two? From that collabo. album with Jenny Lewis? They’re still around, but with no lead singer to support they don’t do too much by themselves. I expected to hear an alt-country album, but this sounds as if it were recorded with a jazz band playing indie rock fusion. Lots of wah wah pedal. I would expect more from a group this talented. There is little that makes this record stands out. Sounds like a pair of cabaret singers who never made it. At some points the organ and guitar sound great. The last minute of “Midnight” sounds like a late night classic rock radio jam, but is quickly ruined by the next track, “Savin’ You”. I think it’s because they started singing again. On the whole, the songs are pretty hokey, very pieced together. There are holes in the songs that could have been built up more. There’s a sort of spaciousness that is felt throughout the album, as if it were recorded in a large studio. reeeeverb. There isn’t much to say about it because there isn’t much here. They sing songs they wrote. That’s about all they do on this record. It doesn’t sound as if they were very involved with the instrumentals.
 It never gets too loud, or too interesting. Too bad.
-- Nico Dodd 
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hahahahaha, love the price is right losing horn sound