Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Review: Vulture Whale, Bamboo You

Vulture Whale 
Bamboo You EP

Best Tracks:  “Amerikerr” (5) and “The Pipe” (3)
This new EP from Birmingham, Alabama native band Vulture Whale delivers the same guitar dominated harder rock, but could hardly be called Southern rock in flavor.  Instead this set of tracks gives me the impression that Vulture Whale is directing itself towards a much more 70s/80s British twisted punk/pop rock sound (think The Clash meets The Smiths or a stripped down Joy Division).  I chose Amerikerr and The Pipe as the best tracks on this album for their grittier rock sound and good composition. However, I probably should say they’re the only songs I can actually listen to in their entirety without cringing at the atrociously fake and whiny British accent that lead singer, Wes McDonald, puts on for the other tracks on this album.
-- Britt Shaw
Host, "Under the Influence," Fridays 10-12 AM on WGTB

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