Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Lightspeed Champion, Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You

Lightspeed Champion
Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You
Lightspeed Champion’s (aka Devonte Hynes') latest album Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You dropped the first of February and is a great follow-up to 2008’s Falling Off the Lavender Bridge. Life is Sweet! definitely has the rise and fall necessary of a good folk album but separates itself in that Hynes’ lyrics and instrumentals are so pop-like and catchy that this is much more enjoyable than your average folk record. Then there’s “Etude Op. 3 ‘Goodnight Michalek’” which is a seemingly random, minute-forty-nine instrumental clearly rooted in the more classical styles of piano teaching. This particular track seems a little out of place, especially before the slightly more upbeat “Middle of the Dark,” but for some reason it works and therefore I don’t complain. Overall, Life Is Sweet! is a pretty solid album that’s perfect for a chill autumn day or when you’re enjoying missed school days because the snowPOCALYPSE hit America.
Recommended Tracks
: “Faculty of Fears”, “Marlene”, and Madame Van Damme”
--Dominique Barron
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