Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Friday: IPOD BATTLE in Bulldog Alley

Hey! Have an ipod (or other mp3 player?) Like music? Like dancing? Come to WGTB's 3rd Annual iPod Battle Dance Party in Bulldog Alley this Friday night. It's free!

iPod Battle: Friday Feb. 26
9-11 p.m.
Bulldog Alley (Leavey Center)

What is an iPod Battle?
8 DJ's go head to head competing, playing whatever they want off of their iPods or other media player, trying to move the crowd. DJs are given 3 minutes per round with the exception of the final round which will be 5 minutes per DJ or DJ team. Winners will be decided at the end of each round by seeing who the crowd shouts loudest for. You can play any music you want, throw it back, play some new mash-up you like, anything you think can win the fickle will of the crowd (and support staff of friends you will undoubtedly bring to ensure your victory).
The winner (or winning team) gets a sweet trophy and free t-shirts for all participants, there's also a prize for the most intense boy and girl dancers.
Anyone can participate!
To sign up (and do so quickly as slots go fast) email WGTB events at wgtb.events@gmail.com.

If you have questions, ask Events at that email address, or leave them in the comments... hope to see you all there! Show up ready to dance!

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igs said...

hell yes.

I hope its like this


but more french