Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Brooke Waggoner, Go Easy, Little Doves

 Brooke Waggoner
Go Easy Little Doves
Flaunting romantically whimsical lyrics set to a backdrop of instrumental genius, Brooke Waggoner’s long-awaited album, Go Easy Little Doves, promises to delight indie pop fans everywhere.  The meditatively symphonic album reflects Waggoner’s classical music background, flowing into a cohesive piece of art that takes you through the 10-year journey that is Go Easy Little Doves.  The melodious, vocal-centric tracks intertwined with beautiful, instrumental interludes meld together to tell this invitingly complex story. Although Waggoner’s eccentric lyricisms and elaborately ornamented ballads keep her just outside the realm of mainstream preference, many songs on the album including “Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll Be Fine” and “Chromates Soft Love” prove to be inoffensive enough to appeal to mass audiences.  Waggoner’s musical talent apparent in Go Easy Little Doves is sure to resonate throughout a wide spectrum of listeners.
-- Chloe Tanaka
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