Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review: Retribution Gospel Choir, 2

Retribution Gospel Choir

Retribution Gospel Choir really likes crescendos. In virtually every track off their sophomore album 2, they start off composed and constrained before exploding into a loud, experimental, guitar-driven climax around halfway through. The band executes this tactic both successfully and cleverly, as it boosts songs that are otherwise lackluster, repetitive, and lyrically uninteresting into powerful and anthemic pieces of (loud) rock. Unfortunately, when used on eight of the album’s ten tracks (the other two being under-a-minute instrumental interludes), the crescendo loses some of its intended potency. After you get through the eight minutes of “Guitar Riff”, the album’s ninth track and supposed pinnacle, you’re ready for something that remains static just to break the monotony.
-- Leigh Finnegan
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