Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: The Films, Oh, Scorpio

The Films
Oh, Scorpio
B+ / A -

Oh Scorpio is only the second full-length album released by The Films, but even as a relatively new band they have managed to pull off a polished album with a consistent musical style and some really well written, catchy songs.  The tracks off this album have a 50s American rock style, with several tracks sampling in pep-squad style clapping and sha-na-na –ing.  Their strong point is definitely in well-written lyrics which make up for the less original sound of the album as a whole. I certainly would not call this a sophomore slump album, though I prefer the faster paced, more urban rock & roll sound of their first full album, Don’t Dance Rattlesnake, which sounded more “Arctic Monkeys.”  This album could more accurately be compared to the sounds of French Kicks, Hot Hot Heat, or Butch Walker (the album’s producer). 
Best Tracks: “Completely Replaceable”(1), “Fingernails for Breakfast”(3), “Me + the Thief”(9)

-- Britt Shaw
Host, "Under the Influence," Fridays 10-12 AM on WGTB

Check out The Films as our Artist of the Week and grab an mp3 of their song "Completely Replaceable" here!

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