Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: Have Gun, Will Travel Postcards from the Friendly City

Have Gun, Will Travel
Postcards From The Friendly City

Postcards From The Friendly City contains a glimmer of bluesy folk charm, but this sliver of hope for a return to the folk music roots is all too quickly swallowed up by a an all too familiar 90’s style of songwriting leaving most of the tracks on this album sounding decidedly generic and unremarkable. The tracks “Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothes” and “Land of the Living” offer some hope, however, that this group has some talent and perhaps the potential to say something new on another album. At the end of the day Postcards From The Friendly City is probably not worth the cost of the album, but is worth at least one listen and makes Have Gun, Will Travel a group worth looking out for in future.
-- Jonas Briedis
Host, "Good Music," Midnight-2am Tuesday morning on WGTB

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