Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Review: Dinosaur Feathers, Fantasy Memorial

Dinosaur Feathers
Fantasy Memorial
My love affair with Dinosaur Feathers began as all great love affairs do: on the internet. I’ve been enjoying the Early Morning Risers EP since their website released it in mid-August so I jumped at the chance to review their new album “Fantasy Memorial” before its name was even said aloud. If my enjoyment of Early Morning Risers was the equivalent of an intense internet courtship, being the first to hear their full-length debut album was kind of like agreeing to meet in person. I left holding the CD hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be middle-aged, sweaty, and balding (if you know what i mean) and I’m happy to report a full album of Dinosaur Feathers is just as enjoyable as their buoyant and eclectic EP. From the first minute of opening track “I Ni Sogoma”, I knew our love was going to make it.
In “Fantasy Memorial” the Brooklyn duo taps heavily into African and Latin rhythms along with the electronic beats of their much favored drum machine. This will no doubt elicit comparisons to indie-pop darlings Vampire Weekend, but compare at your own risk, as their uniquely layered vocal harmonies are truly unparalleled. Fantasy Memorial is an exceptional glimpse into the band’s journey to discover their sound. Each track bursts with something new, whether it’s a different regional influence, like the Spanish sounding “Vendela Vida” or their take on a new genre, in the case of the soaring melodies reminiscent of Motown glory of “Teenage Whore”. Other highlights include “History Lessons” (a WGTB track of the week), and the ebullient and lively “Family Waves”, which makes familial disputes sound as fun as a drunken weekend at Disneyland. In their first full-length release, Dinosaur Feathers delivers a thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack to Spring resonant with stirring world beats and ambitious vocal harmonies.

-- Tiare Dunlap, 
Host, "Girl, Please," Fridays 4-6 pm on WGTB


GT said...

Is every album on this blog an A?!! I have not seen anything below a B for the longest time. Any thoughts?

Charles said...


Unless you disagree with this rating, your complaint is unwarranted. Further, I know you don't disagree with this post because you haven't heard this album, which is genuinely an A worthy album. So, please be more specific in your grievance, or just CAN IT.

kingtaj said...

I second that GT should CAN IT and store it in a bomb shelter.