Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Track Review:Krave feat. Lil’ Jon, Pit Bull & Flo-Rida – "Go Crazy"

"Go Crazy"

            I had high expectations for this song. The collaborators on this song are impressive. It is a lineup similar to the one that was put together for Drake in his song "Forever." Granted, no one takes Lil' Jon or Flo-Rida seriously, but they are icons in party music just as much as Kanye, Eminem and Weezy are for current hip-hop. For the relatively unknown Krave to be given such an opportunity, I would have expected them to create the ultimate party anthem. However, it is nothing but just another regular party song... and even then... absolutely not the most epic one I have ever heard. This is the kind of song I can see being played at a club with a group of girls singing along to the hook after a good number of shots. Shit… I would probably join in on the wonderful anthem: “all da gurlzzz in da club go krazyyy.” I would have expected Krave to be grateful that they landed the opportunity to record a song with an entourage of  “shake yo bootay n’ git yo grind on at da club” all stars: Pitbull, Flo-Rida and Lil’ Jon. However, unlike “Forever” this song was simply “alright”. Other than the catchy hook, the most redeeming quality is Pitbull’s performance, and even then, it is far from his classics such as “Culo” or “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho).” The song lacked anything to make it stand out and make me want to listen to it more. It’s the kind of song that could come up on the radio and I wouldn’t necessarily be offended by it, but nothing I would repeat or go out of my way to play. Hopefully the girls from Krave capitalize and outperform this song next time they are given the opportunity to perform with party song legends like Lil Jon, Pit Bull and Flo-Rida. They better not disappoint me again.

-- Enrique Lemus
"Moose Tracks," Mondays 10-11 pm on WGTB


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