Monday, March 08, 2010

Review: Joe Pug, Messenger

Joe Pug

It took me a long time to decide whether to give this album an  A- or an A, and I must admit the only thing that kept me from bumping it up to the latter was the fact that I felt that I wanted to keep a grade in my back pocket for albums like Blonde on Blonde and Beggar’s Banquet without ever having to use the ultimate clichĂ© that is the “A+”

Joe Pug’s Messenger is a spectacular album full of art and poetry. The opening song, whose title is the same as the album’s, rings with the folksy charm of artists long thought lost to the oblivion of Newport newsreels. Pug plays with rhythm and melody to create a song that you’re sure to be humming for days and maybe weeks to come. In “Sharpest Crown” he plays with messianic imagery and a distant, longing tone that fills the heart with abstract feeling.

An absolute must-listen.

-- Jonas Briedas
Host, "Good Music," Tuesday 12-2 AM on WGTB

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