Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: Laurent Borque, What We Talk About

  Laurent Bourque
 What We Talk About
I think it was a bit presumptuous of Laurent Bourque to title his debut album What We Talk About. The only reason I can conceive of as to why anyone would be talking about it is if they were comparing him to other artists who have accomplished what Bourque only attempts. Granted, Bourque is a talented musician with a mellifluous voice, a reasonable amount of talent, and the album isn’t unlistenable, but his trite love-song lyrics leave more than a little to be desired. He has chosen a genre, tone, and set of cliché lyrics that have been proven to work for other artists, but all together the compilation sounds like a knockoff of these more impressive musicians. Think John Mayer but not as catchy; Jason Mraz but with a less interesting voice. One non-descript song title says it all: “Always Alright.” I am not all that surprised that I haven’t heard anyone talking about What We Talk About. It’s “alright,” but if I want to listen to acoustic guitar, angsty vocals, and a significant amount of “oohs” and “yeahs, I have a wide array of more inspiring options from which to choose.

Deal breakers: snooze fest, copy-cat, and vague, uninspiring lyrics
Redeeming qualities: cool album cover art, Canadian, and (thank God) only 36 minutes long 

-- Emma Forster
Host, "Regional Rotations," Wednesdays 2-4 pm on WGTB

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