Monday, March 29, 2010

Concert Pick of the Week: Megafaun

Wednesday, March 31, 9pm

 Megafaun is one of the few bands who take indie-folk and don't simply rely on emotive and intelligent to hide an otherwise bland and uninteresting musical arrangement. This is not to say that Megafaun's lyrics aren't meaningful, but their real draw is their orchestration and interactivity with the crowd. Head down to their show Wednesday night at the intimate Black Cat back stage to hear your familiar indie-folk sounds twisted and tickled just enough to make it both interesting and enjoyable.


Mark Waterman said...

I am thinking about going to see Megafaun, anyone else interested?

Mark Waterman said...

Also, Wilco not the concert pick of the week? Fair enough, it did sell out in two minutes or so.

Caroline said...

Cant make it, but I think it will be a good show-- see this