Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: Butterfly Bones, Pretty Feelings

Butterfly Bones
Pretty Feelings

With an album cover that looks like something you’d see in a kaleidoscope and the track listing done in colors only found in the gel pens of preteen girls, the first release by Butterfly Bones looks a little absurd. I found myself hoping that the band was at least being ironic with their art; as it turns out, they’re something better. They’re good. Think Passion Pit with a lead singer who sounds a lot more like Interpol’s Paul Banks and a vibe that’s more relaxing than bursting at the seams.

While Pretty Feelings only contains five tracks at a total run time of twenty-two brief (but enjoyable) minutes, it feels complete and it knocks around in your head for a while after listening. So if you’re at all into spacing out with music made by individuals who are, as they claim in the opening track, “strong, charming, indelible, and elegant,” Butterfly Bones just might be the next band for you.
Best Tracks:
“Xoxo” and “R U My Mother??”

-- Emily Simpson
Host, Don’t You Wish We Were NPR? Mondays 8-10 AM on WGTB

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