Thursday, March 04, 2010

Concert Review: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt at DC9, March 2

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
March 2 2010
DC9, Washington, DC

Imagine Dan Deacon with a live band, more strobe lights and crazy costumes for the audience... Okay, now maybe you can understand the craziness that is Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! Given that it was a rainy Tuesday night and TPDR! hasn’t yet reached superstardom, I wasn’t too surprised to find the dance floor pretty empty. Despite the small audience, Terror Pigeon opened with a high level of energy and excitement that lasted the entirety of their unfortunately short set.

Watching the tech crew prepare for TPDR!’s set I was partly excited yet a little worried about what to expect. Extension cords were everywhere along the stage and there were an uncomfortable number of light up snowman figures stationed around the small venue. I was a little weirded out when the band brought out a case full of costumes they wanted the audience to wear but the crazy outfits coupled with the intense lighting system made for a beyond normal concert experience. Before the show I checked their Myspace page and based on the three posted songs I thought the show would be a chill-ish dance party with the audience doing a basic two-step move with their feet but nothing too rowdy. Wrong! Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! plays with such a fun energy level that it’s pretty difficult not to jump around and shake your butt. As with most dance parties, audience enthusiasm can definitely make or break the fun. The crowd at tonight’s show was not lively enough to match the animated spirits of the two lead vocalists but the fact that TPDR! was able to keep up their own energy level was impressive in itself.

And, oh man, I haven’t even mentioned the two, yes two! accordions and the trumpet. Any live band could definitely benefit from having both instruments but when you have a live band that incorporates these, uses them to throw a dance party, and it actually works, oh wow!

Overall, I was impressed by the instrumentation and high energy level Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! brought to the stage and I would suggest that anyone looking for a fun, different type of dance party check them out.

-- Dominique Barron
Host, "Amurikah = Apple Pie & Fried Chicken," Tuesdays 6-8 pm on WGTB

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