Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review: White Hinterland, Kairos

White Hinterland
C- (only because the first track is good)

Who does this girl sound like? I don’t know. The first track is the only good song on this album. From there it gets really boring. This girl sounds like a not as good version of Bjork or the lead singer of Camera Obscura. Lots of echo and loop pedals and electronic stuff. Is this experimental? synth overload. This is difficult to listen to the whole way through. She does his thing with her voice that is like Rihanna at the Vancouver Olympics (eh, eh, eh,). “Kairos” is pretty good name for an album. I expect better from Dead Oceans.

-- Nico Dodd
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Anonymous said...

This is possibly the most insipid album review I've ever read.

tick said...

sentence. choppy. cmon guys does anyone even read these reveiws before you ptu them up? one paragraph reviews shouldn't ahve typoes

Caroline said...

duly noted. your complaints have been filed, want a radio show?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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