Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Our Top 30 Albums of the Week

Here's what we're filling our ears with this week. Notable adds include Local Natives, White Hinterland, and the just-shoegazey-enough pop of Minneapolis-based Red Pens.

3    HOT CHIP    One Life Stand   
6    SHOUT OUT LOUDS    Our Ill Wills   
7    MIDLAKE    The Courage Of Others  
8    DINOSAUR FEATHERS    Fantasy Memorial   
9    LOCAL NATIVES    Gorilla Manor    
10    FICTIONIST    Lasting Echo   
11    ANIMAL KINGDOM    Signs And Wonders  
14    XIU XIU    Dear God, I Hate Myself    
16    RUBY SUNS    Fight Softly  
17    ASOBI SEKSU    Rewolf  
18    JULIAN CASABLANCAS    Phrazes For The Young 
19    TUNE YARDS    Bird Brains    
20    NINI AND BEN    The Reasons We Try    
21    DONORA     Donora    
22    RED PENS    Reasons  
24    WHITE HINTERLAND     Kairos  
28    ANIMAL COLLECTIVE    Fall Be Kind [EP] 


Anonymous said...

1) why are we listening to shout out louds from 3 years ago
2) WHY are we listening to corinne bailey rae, the record is YIKES, a C+ is too kind

Anonymous said...

Local Natives is overrated. Just because Pitchfork respects something doesn't mean we all have to. Gorilla Manor is OKAY at best.

igs said...

whats pitchfork?

Anonymous said...


B+ B+ B+

Catherine said...