Thursday, March 04, 2010

WWYC of the Week

It was really only a matter of time before we stumbled into the alternate universe that is Dashboard Confessional. Lets go back to the days of Wendy's parking lots, spirit assemblies, and Friday night football games.

But soft! Whats that there? A dark, brooding soul? A tortured spirit, tragically tossed into the mid size suburban high school after his parents split and his dad took that job in Michigan because the benefits rocked. Life is cruel, is it not, PWJR16?

One awkward romantic advance after another, PWJR16 went to the spring dance alone, even after bringing flowers to Rebeca Twills in the middle of English class and reciting dutifully that one life he remembered from Hamlet, "Frailty! Thy name is woman!" Yes. It appears that even Nelson Muntz has a soft, tender center that he is willing to expose only to the greater interweb community.

And by expose I mean defend gallantly his musical abilities in the comments.

Next up for this guy: Performing this song at the Prarieville Township High School Talent Show and dedicating it to Rebeca's best friend.


Caroline said...

i like his tough-guy act at the beginning combined with the indisputable fact that he's still covering a dashboard song. and the decrescendo half-whisper after "iiiii'd like to seeeeeee youuuuu undoneeeeee" is pure money. can we get him to play a concert

igs said...

he's booked through the end of track season.

heinztomatoketchup said...

Bob dylan of our generation?