Monday, April 26, 2010

Concert Pick of the Week: The Nine Series

DC9 Presents: The Nine Series
Nine Singing-Songwriting Ladies from DC

Tiffany Thompson
Steph Modder
Joanne Kim
Amanda Lee
Molly Hagen
Margaux LeSourd
Maureen Andary
Olivia Mancini
Jessica Louise

Sunday, May 2nd, 7:30

Look, I'm just sayin. Maybe you're lonely. Maybe you want to mingle a little bit. Maybe you want to fall in love with nine girls playing the guitar. Maybe you want to chat with the hordes of similarly young and emotionally fertile friends the artists are sure to bring with them. Maybe you want to casually drop that you yourself are an aspiring singer songwriter. Leonard Cohen totally is perceived falsely. You're so right. I like your songs. What are you doing after this? Lets get married. I'm just sayin.

*On a not 'singles in the city' note, there are some seriously gifted musicians playing Sunday night. Keep an keen eye out for Maureen Andary and Jessica Louise.


Caroline said...

who didnt invite me.

but IRL this sounds cool

fiona said...

within the album The Songs of Leonard Cohen lies the key to my heart

also OOOOOOH I should interview ALL of them, good thing the ball is not a place I am on right now (innuendo? not really)