Thursday, April 29, 2010

WWYC of the Week

Before you ask yourself, "Does this really count?" Ask yourself, "Does it really matter?" The answer is, "No, it doesn't matter that this isn't really a cover of Nirvana's song, it's pathetic artistic vision makes it worthy of this week's worlds worst youtube cover. To be fair, you don't know what the inspiration for Beverley Knight was when she sings, "Ooooh, Summer has begun!" I mean, maybe it is a cover of Cobain's distraught, tense song about emotional identity. A cover not in words, but in sentiment. Kurt would be proud.

Believe it or not, embedding has been disabled by request (by plea?). That will not stop us from perusing the darkened depths of youtube covers. ctrl+click through!

Next up for Beverly Knight: An angry letter from Courtney Love.

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