Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TWIMH: Sticky Fingers Makes Its Racy Debut

Blast from the Past: This Week in Music History
Brought to you by Alexa West, cohost of ROANOKE Mondays 12am-2am

This week in music history was a collaborative one, ladies and gentlemen. On April 26, 1971 the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers was released in the UK sporting a cover designed by Andy Warhol. The cover was of a pair of jeans with a zipper, and Warhol was paid 15 thousand pounds for the design. The original Vinyl had a working zipper that revealed a man in undies. This collaboration of aural and visual art was one of many, but they serve to remind us of the interdisciplinary nature of art. The working zipper taps us into the multidimensional nature of the album cover as well! Georgetown University is all about developing the “renaissance,” interdisciplinary human being through a liberal arts education—not necessarily all pre-professional. We are the Sticky Fingers album cover of college graduates—but if you pull, we won’t show you our undies—always.

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