Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: Matt Pond PA, The Dark Leaves

Matt Pond PA
The Dark Leaves

If anyone tells you they’ve just heard The Dark Leaves and found the “cool new band” that’s about to take the indie-folk scene by storm, don’t believe another word. Matt Pond PA, the band responsible for the album, has been making music for over a decade. And listening to The Dark Leaves’ contemporary, melodic sound infused with an interesting complexity, it’s clear that the years have been good to Matt Pond and his band mates.
While the album mixes clean, toe-tapping beats, apparent in “Running Wild,” with more relaxed, static tracks, like the soothing but attention-holding “Winter Fawn,” a consistent strong melody and mid-tempo speed keep the album cohesive but never repetitive. Pond’s emotional vocals, which range from a song’s central focus to a minor, muffled instrument, are ubiquitous on the album, and add a human element to the music reminiscent of the Arcade Fire. From start to finish, Matt Pond PA proves that they’re worthy of the amount of time they’ve spent making music, and they’re not about to retire any time soon.

--Leigh Finnegan
Host, Facts and Tracks, Wednesdays from 10-11 and Fridays from 2-3 on WGTB

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