Friday, April 09, 2010

Review: Gospel Claws, Gospel Claws (EP)

 Gospel Claws 
Gospel Claws 

The Gospel Claws 5-song EP starts out sounding a little like My Morning Jacket, but with a little more pep at times. Some organ and a little bit of twang makes the first track "God Keeps Me Alive" perfectly toe-tap-able. Other tracks get to be a little bit more on the dreamy alt country side (think Camera Obscura) but it works. The last track of the EP "Don't Let It Die" is more experimental, and the ghost of Tom Waits lurks. They seem to still be experimenting with their sound, which is expected for a first EP.

-- Lissa KrawczykHost: Soundlust, 10-11am, Thursdays on WGTB

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