Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TWIMH: We Are The World

Blast from the Past: This Week in Music History
Brought to you by Alexa West, cohost of ROANOKE Mondays 12am-2am on WGTB

            With Georgetown hosting Haiti day on Monday and Relay for Life coming up this weekend, I thought I’d continue the charitable trend with TWIMH. On April 13, 1985, the song “We Are the World,” went to the top of the charts and would remain there for another four weeks. USA for Africa performed the song, which was a collaboration of 47 popular artists including Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, and Cyndi Lauper. The song topped both US and UK charts, and the considerable profits went to the USA for Africa Foundation, which provided relief of famine and disease in Africa. This musical charity especially helped the 1984-5 famine in Ethiopia. Music can change the world through its influence, and this is just one of many instances where it is used for charity and the overall good.

To see US for Africa perform this influential song, click below:

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