Sunday, April 11, 2010

WWYC of the Week + Ticket Giveaway!

I don't really get Justin Bieber. I think its all a little bit weird. You just have to wonder how much further we can dive into the fountain of youth before we raise an army of Michael Jacksons. People, though, seem to really love Justin Bieber, especially this little girl. The band PonySlaystation, besides brilliantly rearranging the letters of our favorite console to create a name that implies they either murder or have sex with ponies (or I guess both), showed their appreciate of Justin Bieber in the form of screaming.

Wait! There's more. Show me how well you know the unkempt corners of Youtube this upcoming week and find the World's Worst Youtube Cover. Email your cringe-inducing discoveries to and the person who makes Caroline, Christian and me the most uncomfortable will win free tickets to see the Jamie Mclean Band on Friday April 16th and get your submission posted! The band will be in our studios at 3pm on Friday, and then playing at the Strathmore later on in the evening.

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