Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: John Clinebell, Make it Land

 John Clinebell
Make it Land

John Clinebell's latest release Make It Land ultimately produces one question after a painful
forty-five minute listening session - Why do people continue to make this kind of music?
Clinebell's latest effort is an ultimately uninspiring attempt at something that has failed so miserably
countless times before: the sentimental singer/songwriter who adds a heavy dose of uninspiring lyrics
to overly predictable chord changes and expects some kind of powerful emotional effect. Go ahead
and add Clinebell to that list of sappy songwriters who lack musicianship and serious stories to tell.
There are a couple decent songs in the middle of this work - Lay Back and Die and Go On Your Way, but that doesn't salvage the rest of the album. There's nothing wrong with heartfelt lyrics but Clinebell's are flat out affective and uninteresting at best. He may very well go on to have a decent career and there's certainly an audience for this brand of acoustic pop and catchy guitar hooks, but this isn't an album worth listening to.

-- Cole Stangler
The Cosmic American Radio Music Hour, Saturdays 2-4 pm on WGTB

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